Rookies Mix Box (18x40g)

Rookies Cookies


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Try these cookies before you call us rookies!

Rookies are a mouthwatering gluten-free, vegan, high fiber cookies, made with your favourite delicious ingredients! Тhe cookies are made of dates, oat flakes, nuts and an irresistible mix of dried fruits. You can enjoy all of them in this mix box, especially made for you! Try all 4 special tastes: chocolate and hazelnuts, apple and cinnamon, apricots and vanilla, dates and almonds.

Chocolate and hazelnuts – the all-time favourite combination, now presented in a healthy, mouthwatering gluten-free cookie!

Apple and cinnamon – this tempting combo of the most favourite spice and the most popular fruit will satisfy even the most sophisticated taste! What is more those magical ingredients are packed in a natural sweet vegan cookie!

Apricots and vanilla - This cookie is like a breeze summer afternoon under apricot trees – you just can’t get enough of it! Tender apricots kiss vanilla skies to make a mouthwatering gluten free heaven, or as we call it -a cookie.

Dates and almonds - We heart dates and they are the heart of all we do! But dates in a cookie? Now that’s something you need to try! We added almonds and spices – just enough to make you scream for more!

Quantity per box: 18x40g

5 x Dates and almonds, 5 x Chocolate and hazelnuts, 4 x Apple and cinnamon, 4 x Apricots and vanilla

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